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Calloquy Introduces New Features and Enhancements to its Remote Litigation and Court Reporting Platform

Updates, integrations, and UI upgrades add even more flexibility and efficiency to its industry-leading platform.

Atlanta, Georgia – April 18, 2023Calloquy, PBC, the first remote litigation platform and court reporting platform designed for litigators, announced the availability of several new features on and enhancements to its platform. With its new spate of updates, Calloquy continues to advance its mission of delivering its state-of-the-art platform and secure court reporting services to leading law firms and empowering litigators who value the efficiency and reliability of remote litigation.

“We designed each new feature to make meetings and legal proceedings conducted on the platform go as smoothly as possible,” said Suvi Burks, Product Owner at Calloquy. “That includes every process, from scheduling the deposition to accessing real time transcription during the deposition. We are always working to make all facets of our platform as intuitive and efficient as possible.”

Highlights of the Spring 2023 updates include the following features:

  • Realtime Integration. Users now have the option of accessing Realtime transcription feeds from their court reporters, including time stamps, on their screens. “Instantly streaming and sharing the court reporter’s transcript while it is in production allows litigation teams to ensure that they are producing a clear and accurate record for their litigation,” said Keith Hagerich, Product Owner at Calloquy
  • One-Step Court Reporting and Deposition Scheduling. Calloquy’s deposition scheduling process now includes a seamless court reporter booking feature. Attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants can now schedule a deposition, upload a deposition notice, and click a button to schedule a Calloquy court reporter. “We know that everyone has better things to do in the days before a deposition. So we made scheduling a court reporter from Calloquy quick and easy,” said Burks.
  • New Deposition Table Option. Calloquy’s unique table view, where parties are identified by affiliation and positioned accordingly, now includes an option to position an attorney for a non-party witness or a translator at the table. The table view, which has always added formality and familiarity to the proceeding, now has a new layer of flexibility.
  • Document Vault and Case Repository Enhancements. Enhancements to the document vault make it easier to sort key exhibits and find historical information in the case management platform. This, in addition to Calloquy's recent SOC 2 certification, makes maintaining key evidence on the platform both convenient and secure.
  • New Exhibit File Types. In addition to standard document files, PDFs, MP3s and MP4s, attorneys can now manage evidence in BMPs, WMFs, EMFs, and GIFs formats.
  • Improved Notifications. Calloquy now sends reminder emails with its secure and non-transferable meeting links, to all participants prior to the start of depositions. Additionally, meeting invitations have been revamped to provide more clarity for participants in advance of the meeting.

“Our customers expect a world-class virtual experience when using our platform because they provide a world-class experience for their clients,” said Hagerich. “These new features highlight our commitment to continuously innovating so we can continue to drive virtual litigation forward.”

Calloquy is the first virtual legal proceedings platform intentionally built for the way litigation is practiced now. Its technology and court reporting services empower attorneys to conduct and manage legal proceedings more effectively and securely, while increasing productivity and reducing costs. The company is helping to shape The Next Era of LitigationTM by combining legal industry-specific videoconferencing technology, world-class security, highly professional court reporting services, and an access-to-justice social mission. Calloquy is a Public Benefit Corporation, and its commercial litigation clients fuel that mission by enabling the company to provide free platform access to legal service organizations and pro bono cases.