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Virtualizes Four Litigation Proceedings

Calloquy has perfected every aspect of the remote litigation experience. The attorneys who designed the slate of features knew how important it was to keep them simple while also making them as sophisticated as anything you have seen in remote litigation.

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From team meetings and witness interviews to depositions, Calloquy allows you to work seamlessly in a virtual environment, freeing you to focus on doing the work that matters most.

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The Calloquy platform is feature-rich, secure and easy-to-use. Take a 30 second tour and have a glimpse at how to conduct better remote legal proceedings. 
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These great teams use our software.

Remote Litigation done better, more efficient and secure

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Scheduling meetings with existing clients, co-counsel, an entire litigation team, local counsel, potential clients and any combination thereof has never been easier, more efficient, and more error-proof than it is with Calloquy.

Calloquy’s one-of-a-kind case-based system and role-based views allow you to schedule, invite, host, secure, and chat within meetings.



Whether you’re taking or defending, Calloquy makes remote depositions easier, more secure, more fruitful, and more reliable than they have ever been before.

Highlights include: one-of-a-kind exhibit sharing and annotation features, transcripts from the best court reporters in the business, and a single view for evidence, videoconferencing, and live transcripts.



Calloquy delivers an intuitive videoconferencing interface and evidence management system, but with a level of formality and security befitting the dispute resolution process. The mediator can arrange, chat with, and mute participants as they deem appropriate.

Calloquy’s highly secure breakout rooms and one-of-a-kind knock to enter feature where no one – not even the host – can enter a breakout room without permission makes conversations between attorneys and clients more authentic and more secure and ultimately, more fruitful.

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When it’s time to present your case, you’ll find that doing so on Calloquy’s formal and familiar design adds a level of import and ease that other mere videoconference platforms do not and could not provide. Participants and party affiliations are all clearly defined so are clearly visible and audible when and only when appropriate.

Calloquy’s case-based management system ensures that every transcript and every deposition exhibit created from the outset of the case through arbitration day will be at the ready when you need it. The breakout rooms, the chat features, and the instant transcription to which you have grown accustomed throughout the case is also available throughout the arbitration.

Standard features of the Calloquy virtual litigation platform:

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Access to our professional, experienced, certified court reporters.

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Role-based and party-based identifications so you know who is who and who does what.

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World-class security features to thwart cyber-intruders and to preserve the attorney client privilege.


Sophisticated and highly secure chat features.

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Options for displays and seating arrangements adding both a familiarity and a reverence befitting the litigation process.

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Innovative and advanced exhibit sharing, marking, and preservation features.

Perfect for your role as:

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General / In-House Counsel

As in-house counsel, you are likely the epicenter of all the litigation in which your company is involved. Calloquy makes it possible for you to attend an arbitration in Albuquerque, a mediation in Milwaukee, and depositions in Denver, Durham, and Detroit without having to fill up your tank or spend a minute at an airport.

Additionally, you won’t have to pay for outside counsel to travel all around the country for court proceedings. In-house counsel can virtually attend the deposition, mediation, or arbitration and advise local counsel. Because it’s made for attorneys who have been to and understand the nuances of court proceedings, you’ll no longer be subjected to the one-size-fits-all “Hollywood Squares” view of the legal proceedings which affect your business. Our screens reflect the way depositions, arbitrations, and mediations happen. Additionally, you control who enters Calloquy’s secure breakout rooms, to preserve the privileges you enjoy while advising an executive witness or outside counsel.

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Solo Practitioners to AMLaw100 Partners

Calloquy has developed a remote litigation platform made by attorneys for attorneys. It employs the current “gold-standard” of transit encryption, relying on both transport layer security and public key infrastructure. Because protecting privileged work product and client communications are necessities for attorneys, Calloquy stays abreast of evolving standards and puts security as a central tenant of all that we do.

Calloquy also has a robust training program to apprise you and your colleagues of the platform’s breadth of functionality. Calloquy also offers a support team proficient at navigating the platform to help you navigate litigation’s surprises; as well as a range of valuable and up-to-date e-guides.

It's Secure

  • Case-based approach to meetings with 6-digit OTP Verification Code invitations, allows you to quickly and safely send meeting invites only to the right people, providing a more secure environment for privilege conversations by guarding against uninvited guests joining your confidential meeting
  • Secure chat is designed to give participants visual clues and warnings if anyone that is not part of their party is included in the chat. Also, unlike other platforms, all chat messages are ephemeral, so no chat logs can be later viewed or downloaded by hosts or admins without the knowledge of the attorneys.
  • Pre-configured breakout rooms make it easy and convenient for the mediator or arbitrators to separate the parties for private discussions. Unlike other platforms that are not built for adversarial proceedings, we prevent the mediators from entering any breakout room without advance notice and permission of the attorneys, helping to protect the sanctity of privileged conversations.
  • Calloquy’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security relies on TLS (Transport Layer Security) which utilizes PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), specifically an asymmetric type (use of public & private keys), which is generally considered the gold standard.
  • Calloquy eliminates the risk of data manipulation and alteration that are associated with mailing hard copies or unsecure digital storage methods, as it converts the digital evidence to near-universally recognized PDFs and locks them.
  • To request a copy of Calloquy's SOC-2 report, please click here.