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Congratulations New Law School Graduates!

Congratulations to all brand new and imminently new Law School graduates! As the echoes of speeches about endings being new beginnings and following your dreams fade, replaced by bar exam preparation classes, we hope the pride you feel today stays with you. We hope your eagerness to protect the truth remains intact. Most of you likely started law school in 2020 and took your classes online. We hope the resilience you demonstrated by embarking on law school during a pandemic evolves into a keen enthusiasm for exploring how good technology can make all aspects of the legal ecosystem a little fairer, a little better, a little more accessible.

We’re a company committed to helping litigators practice more efficiently, exchange information more efficiently, and communicate more confidently. From U.S. District Judge Robert McShane’s 2019 Commencement Address at Lewis & Clark Law School:

“I found my voice in a courtroom. I found it by accident, but I found it. You too, will find your voice. And it is a voice that needs to be heard. As you leave this law school it is up to you to be that voice despite your reservations, your fears, your uncertainty. It does not have to be a big brassy voice or a pandering voice or a maudlin voice. We don’t need loud amens; soft hallelujah's will do just fine. It simply has to be this: A voice of dignity for the prostitute who has lost her dignity. The voice of preservation for an environment that is being destroyed. A voice of reason for the mentally ill who have lost all reason. The voice of access for the poor who cannot afford legal services. The voice of justice for the victim. The voice of calm for the violent. The voice of hope for those in fear. The voice of humanity for those whose humanity is lost.”

We welcome you to the profession; and we look forward to hearing your voice.