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Calloquy CISO Attends White House Future of Cyber Security Workshop

David Roberts, Calloquy’s Chief Information Security Office (CISO), is accustomed to those invested in the future of legal tech and cybersecurity seeking his counsel. So when he was invited to the White House by the Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD), the executive office which advises the President of the United States on cyber security and policy, it was both unsurprising and extraordinary. On June 9th, David attended the Technical Workshop on Space Systems Cybersecurity, and we thought our clients would be interested given their own needs to be cybersecure.

The ONCD workshop is part of its ongoing efforts to identify gaps in U.S. cyber security policies and systems and prepare plans for tangible next steps to remedy those gaps. It’s one of a number of workshops in support the Biden-Harris Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy. The report, a continuation of efforts started during the Trump Administration, was released in March 2023 to coordinate cybersecurity strategy and usher in what Roberts calls a “concentrated and centralized approach” to cybersecurity. “We’re about to see a significant and relatively expeditious shift in our country’s approach to cybersecurity,” said Roberts, his enthusiasm apparent. “It’s become obvious that tech has moved faster than the current systems that regulate it and that the regulations need to catch up. The new approach almost certainly means that all those parties in the data stream – which is to say that anyone who possesses or has access to data, including law firms – are going to see new regulations and new accountability for how they hold that data,” Roberts continued. “We’re going to see an increase in Business Associates Agreements and therefore a greater emphasis on what third parties are doing to protect client data.”

The National Cybersecurity Strategy is focused on five pillars: defending infrastructure, disrupting bad actors, shaping market forces to drive security, investing in the future, and forging partnerships. “Talking cybersecurity with leaders – public, private, corporate, academic, state, local, tribal, industrial, technical, legal – was exhilarating and encouraging. I’ll consider it a milestone in my career. It’s always nice to have your work validated; it’s very nice when the validation happens from the White House. But I’m mostly excited about the future and being a part of these collective efforts to keep cyber space safe. We have much work to do and I’m looking forward to being a part of it and bringing what I learn to bear for the benefit of Calloquy’s clients.”

In coming weeks, we will be publishing a series of more in-depth interviews with Roberts, specifics on plans on how to turn the five pillars of cyber security into cogent, tangible, and feasible plans, and what law firms can do now to prepare for imminent regulation. To subscribe to our blog click here / or sign up for updates and forthcoming news about how the National Cybersecurity Strategy will affect law firms / or get on the mailing list for forthcoming eBook click here.

Mr. Roberts is a highly credentialed cybersecurity and framework expert with entrepreneurial and C-level experience spanning more than two decades. He has experience in multiple and varied technical organizations. Most recently, he secured Calloquy’s SOC 2 compliance certification. He has a M.A.R. degree from Liberty University, a M.A.T.S. from American University of Biblical Studies, a B.B.A. from Clayton State University, and has completed programs in Technology leadership at Cornell University. He currently holds the following industry credentialing: CISSP, CCSP, SSCP, CAP, CSM®, CCP, & AZ-900. He has been with Calloquy since November 2021.