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The Next Era of Litigation

Set your firm apart with the first remote litigation platform built for attorneys by attorneys.

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Meetings. Mediations. Depositions. Arbitrations.

Better, faster, more secure, familiar,
and easy to use.


Court Reporting on Demand

Expert stenographers transcribe your remote deposition or arbitration from our secure, state-of-the-art facilities.

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Court Reporter

We make remote legal proceedings safe, secure, and efficient.

33% estimated cost savings when remote deposition technology is thoroughly adopted.
71% of law firms are prioritizing remote interaction over in-person.
79% of people indicate the option for remote communication would have a positive influence on their decision to hire a lawyer.

Safe, Reliable Remote Litigation

The next era of litigation requires top notch security. Calloquy is a safer, more secure remote litigation platform designed for litigators for all stages of litigation.

Calloquy was built by attorneys who understand that when it comes to keeping data secure, the duties and challenges which attorneys face are numerous and multifaceted. Approach them with certainty.


Intuitive Single Platform Design

Our layouts, with clear titles and traditional seating arrangements, mimic the look and feel of in-person proceedings and put litigators back on familiar turf. Additionally, meeting participants, evidence, and live transcripts all appear on one screen so you can spend your time advocating – not toggling between screens.


Effortless Evidence Management

Calloquy’s integrated evidence management system allows attorneys and paralegals to upload exhibits prior to a deposition, mediation, or arbitration where it’s protected until needed. Easily introduce, annotate, and share evidence for depositions and arbitrations. Our system will put you at ease, knowing you’re fully in control during even the most evidence-intensive cases.


Calloquy makes the lives of remote and hybrid litigation teams easier. And better.

Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Solution

From inception to resolution, easily host all meetings, depositions, and ADR for all your cases.

Scheduling Made Easy

Scheduling Made Easy

Schedule your next deposition, invite all parties, and schedule a court reporter with just a few clicks.

Court Reporting

Realtime Court Reporting

First-class, in-house court reporters providing live record feeds and transcripts ready within days.

HD Video

HD Video and Clear Audio

Our state-of-the-art platform supports HD video streams, providing a high-quality experience. Crystal-clear audio ensures a quality record.

Confidently Communicate

Confidently Communicate

Role and party-based ID makes communicating with your team simple. Our knock to enter feature means no one can enter your chat without your permission.

Safe Storage

Safe Storage

Final transcripts, videos, and exhibits are stored in the platform for quick and easy access.

The Future of Litigation Belongs to the Innovative

The benefits of remote litigation for both clients and their attorneys are clear. It eliminates the costs (direct and indirect) of flying around the country for depositions. It tells clients you value effective communication and delivery of services. It tells associates that you value flexible working policies and aids in employee retention.

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Focus on Winning the Case

We built Calloquy as a comprehensive solution that will be there with you throughout the litigation process. From team meetings and witness interviews to depositions, Calloquy makes conducting remote and hybrid litigation a breeze. So you can think less about logistics and more about advocating for your client.

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